Feel the Rhythm of KOREA: ANDONG

“Feel the Rhythm of KOREA”, which is a hot topic in the world, has returned with a follow-up series. 

If you have enjoyed the rhythm of Korea in the first series, you are welcome to feel it again in more attracting regions of South Korea: Gangneung, Andong and Mokpo. 

The music of an alternative pop band ‘LEENALCHI’ and the breathtaking performance of ‘Ambiguous Dance Company’ will catch your eyes and ears. 

Then, shall we dive into the different charms of Korea than the previous videos? 

We are always looking forward to meeting you in Korea!

Story about the song
Song Title: You Know Who I Am?
It is a part of the Korean Pansori story "Sugungga" Hearing that the Dragon King’s disease can be cured only with the liver of a rabbit, the turtle tricks the rabbit to visit the underwater palace. But the cunning rabbit lies to the Dragon King and makes his way out back to the land.

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